Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Quotable Kids


Yesterday after doing some jobs that I told her she would get paid for she asked for her money.
I promised I'd pay her, but told her I couldn't right then because I didn't have any dollars.
She said, "That's fine, you can just give me some bucks.  Or checks.  Anything!"

A while ago while we were driving in the car we saw a truck that had nearly tipped over and was high-centered on the concrete median on the freeway.  Lily gravely said, "that does not have like one drop of funny in it.  That is just all sad."

She recently told me that every night when there's just one star out she looks up at it and wishes for Polly Pockets

Driving by Red Lobster, she asked me, "Mom, have you ever been to the Red Crab?"

"Mom, I think love feels like a purple jolly rancher" (I think my heart could explode at the darlingness of that metaphor!)

Last week we were at Target and we saw a pregnant woman and Lily said, "I think girls always look beautiful when they have a baby in their tummy."

he is the sweetest big brother.  really, he is extraordinary.  

Upon smelling something stinky in the car, "why does it smell grosser than a gross bomb in here?"

"What is a Scottish person's state called?  Like Scotberia or something?" 

After I made new pillows for our couch, we arranged them all and really spiffed up the room.  Henry was really amazed at how good it looked.  "Mom!  Give me your phone.  I've got to take a picture of this room.  It looks AMAZING.  We've got to post this on Craigs List.  I just want it to be in a super popular magazine so lots of people can see it!"  

While he was learning about the civil war and slavery at school one afternoon in the car he said to me, "If I had to be a slave, I'd want to be owned by a grandma.  Or a mom."  

Finally, and my favorite of all) the other day in the car we were listening to Bear Necessities and it came to the part where Baloo croons, "and don't spend your time lookin' around, for somethin' you want that can't be found.  When you find out you can live without it and go along not thinkin' about it..."  Henry got really pensive after that line and looked over at me, "Man, I really need to take Baloo's advice.  I'm always lookin for things like dinosaur poop, mammoth tusks, indian arrows...I'm never gonna find that stuff!"

I laughed all the way home about that!  Dinosaur poop!  Mammoth tusks...hahahahahaha!  

and how crazy is it that as I typed this "Bear Necessities" came on Pandora!  (We're obsessed with the Sound of Music channel :)


  1. Those quotes are hilarious!! (and some sweet). Love!

  2. So sweet! Love that you're recording these.

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