Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Magic Lights

A few weeks ago Henry got to have a special adventure with his cousins.  The boys and dads went to the river house for a few days to celebrate the culmination of their Book of Mormon reading.  The boys had all been challenged to read the Book of Mormon daily from the October session of General Conference until the April session of conference.  It was the best idea ever.  At family dinners Henry and Simon would check in with each other on their progress.  It was something they could talk about and bond over.  A brilliant way to weave the gospel into our family culture.  And the deal was that if they all read daily for that six month period, Uncle Marcus and cousin Jack would fly in from North Carolina and all the boys and dads would have an unforgettable adventure to celebrate their accomplishment.  I need to get pictures from Nate's phone (or have him write an entry!) to document that weekend -- it was incredible.  Fun for the dads and the boys.  Plenty of adventure and some special spiritual chats around the fire, too.  Made my wheels turn about how to foster stronger family unity, have fun together, and place great importance on gospel living -- it takes a mighty and mindful effort, but is so worth it!  I feel so thankful for Nate's cousins and their families -- they are really the best of the best.  We could look the world over and not find better people to unite with in parenting and life endeavors.

We weren't going to let the boys have all the fun, so while they were away we strung magic lights on Lily's bed and set up a classroom in the blue-light room for her to play school in.  Thanks to Nana, we even got a lanyard so Lil could have keys just like Mrs. Adams.

We had some fun girl time while the boys were gone and I'm thinking about how we can facilitate a fun girls weekend for Lily and her cousins, too.

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