Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Here is what I do not believe in (on blogs or otherwise): holding up some sort of pretense that does not in fact exist in real life.  So when I post these pictures of us with the piggies let me be very clear that we are really only financial supporters of the pigs -- my brother Rob, his wife Ashley, and my sister Halley do all the work.  They pick up LOADS of refused produce at the grocer and feed the pigs.  They close the door to the pen at night and make sure they have water in the morning.  They are the farmers - the real heroes of the pig operation.   We visit and help when we can (almost never).  But when we do, it sure makes for some cute pictures :)  And our mouths are already watering for some delicious late-summer bacon!

The amount of produce the grocery store gives us is astonishing.  Those pigs are living large on yogurt parfaits and fresh guacamole!  And a word about my brother, Rob.  He really is just the best.  I admire so many things about him, not the least of which is his ability to celebrate with people over their successes and not feel one bit threatened or jealous.  One of the funnest people you could ever want to know -- a good dad and a darling uncle.  And a pretty cute hobby farmer, too :)

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