Wednesday, January 22, 2014

hands off

Lily!  she wears the craziest outfits. shorts and leggings and legwarmers.  dots and stripes and flowers and sequins and every color of the rainbow, all at the same time.  open-toed sparkly wedges in january.  the outlandish combinations used to make the control freak in me twitch, but i'm honestly starting to love seeing the outfits she comes up with.  her sense of style and autonomy is incredibly endearing.  and it is one of my new year's resolutions not to interfere with her decisions about what she's going to wear.  because, seriously?  who cares.  (she just has to brush her hair)
she is so darrrrrling.  and maybe if i just get out of her way she'll develop her own sense of identity and confidence and boldness.  and i would prefer that to smartly coordinated kindergarten outfits everyday of forever.


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