Wednesday, January 22, 2014

loving it while it lasts

here's what i love (and what i think i'm pretty good at): a happy night at home with my kids.  a few fridays ago nate went to visit his grandma, caroline wasn't feeling well and was down for the night and the kids and i were wondering what to do with an evening at home.  the kids decided they wanted to bake something.  at first they requested sugar cookies (i know this makes me a not-fun mom, but i hate making sugar cookies.  so much mess, such a long process, and such an average cookie.)  i persuaded them that chocolate chippers would be yummier, faster, less messy and, here's the clencher, we could make ice cream sandwiches with them.  done!  so we baked up a batch of cookies with our favorite songs from Frozen streaming in the background.  and then we played several rounds of Suspend (our new favorite family game) and Candyland (Lily's true boardgame love) in our pajamas and ate cookie sandwiches and just really had the best time together is what we did.  i adore these kids and this stage of life we're in.

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