Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Firepit & The Secret Room

**Lily camped out with her treasures in the secret room**

When you move into a new house there are always a hundred projects to do - walls to paint, appliances to replace, repairs to make, furniture to know.
But for us, some of the top priorities had to do with memory making and childhood-magic facilitating.  So before we replaced the A/C unit or furnished the family room, we finished out the secret room under the stairs (dry walled, painted and carpeted) and we built a fire pit in the backyard.

Looking at my brood and their blaze through the kitchen window

 Prepping for foil dinners

The fire pit has been especially fun.  It is so easy to invite another family over for foil dinners or roasted hot dogs & s'mores.  And there's just something nostalgic and comforting about sitting around a fire.  The conversation flows easy.  The food tastes better infused with a little smoke.  The kids run around with marshmallow goo on their chins, playing tag and kicking balls and riding scooters 'til the bottoms of their feet are black and their bones are weary with the goodness of childhood.      


  1. I can see how invaluable the fire pit is to your family. It is such a cozy gathering place to roast marshmallows, play guitar, tell stories, etc. But in order for you to make it last, proper care is necessary. Aside from regular cleaning, it would be good if you have protective cover for it when not in use, as it is hard to keep it away from natural elements.