Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Mr. Mack

Yesterday I went to take a picture with my phone and a message popped up that said "you cannot take a picture because you do not have enough memory to store it." Or something like that.  I'm a fairly decent minimalist in my daily affairs, but for some reason I have a hard time deleting pictures from my phone.  (Obviously.)  But last night it was time to delete.  As I scrolled back through the pictures I realized there were several memories/moments stored there that haven't been transferred here.  I, of course, got nostalgic looking back -  thus the hesitation with deletion.  So please pardon the deluge of miscellaneous pictures.  I need to preserve those little bits and free up some space on my phone.

We'll begin with Mack.  My first nephew.  My kids' first cousin on my side of the family.  Honestly one of the most darling children to ever inhabit this planet.  We are so in love with him.   Have been from the very beginning.  It's strange the way you love your family, so instinctually and strongly.  I already feel like I would do anything in the world to help that little guy feel happy and loved.   

This picture that Henry drew for him when we first went to meet him at the hospital cracks me up :)


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