Wednesday, April 24, 2013

April - Yardwork Weekends

I have so much blog catch up to do.  I'm hoping for a deluge of catch-up posts...we'll see how far I get before someone needs to eat. 

In April we did tons of yardwork getting ready to host Kate's summer wedding reception in our backyard.  We had three HUGE dump truck loads of dirt delivered and we shoveled and wheelbarrowed that dirt all around our backyard to try to level out the lawn.  Here's a before and after to give an idea of what we were up against:
All the grass was dead and there were some major sprain-your-ankle hazards in the unevenness of the lawn.  Lots of gopher holes and tunnels and low spots.
When we moved in 
getting dirt
pretty cool to have a dump truck in your driveway!

Now :)

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