Wednesday, December 19, 2012



 is silly
 and effortlessly happy
 loves her aunt halley
 and playing guess who with her mom after her brother leaves for school
 loves her brother and bubble baths
 is such a helper (ringing the dinner bell for the boys this summer)
 loves her mom and her dad (but especially her dad)
 sleeps with her brother almost every single night
is getting so tall
loves to color
 loves the kitties Nigel (above) and Simba (below) -- they're going to be barn kitties, er barn cats, i guess i should call them :)

 loves to pretend the kitties are babies
loves painted nails and convinced me to paint mine for the first time in twelve years
 is a free spirit, not afraid to walk her own road
loves her stuffed animals, sleeps with several, has names for each.

isn't feeling well today and is all snuggled up to me, just like this.    

she is my little lady.  my lovey love.  my heart.  

1 comment:

  1. She couldn't be any sweeter! Love the one of her coloring. Captures her sweetness