Wednesday, December 19, 2012


 loves an adventure, loves to pack up and get prepared

 loves to build legos, loves to build anything, really

 loves to swim, may or may not have webbed feet (at least from June-September)
 loves to be strong (boots full of rocks)

 is the best big brother
loves his cousin Simon (and is so lucky to have such a neat boy for a cousin)
 loves to do creative projects and play after the manner of shows he watches or books he reads (Viking helmet - constructed from a baseball cap, duct tape and cardboard)
 loves his mom.  and his dad.  (but mostly his mom)

 loves to be cozy, loves popcorn, loves a movie party
 loves to discover the hidden treasures that wait for the curious

is never jealous when she has the spotlight (and she kind of has it a lot)
is so cute with baby Mack
 still puts up with his mom's crazy shenanigans, like goofy hangman puzzles
 and does some crazy shenanigans of his own
 isn't as willing to cooperate for photos as his sister is, but i still snap them
 we had a date this weekend, i suggested ice skating, bowling, even the arcade - he wanted to go to the mall (of all places!)
 we got an assortment of gumballs and looked at things like watches and remote control helicopters and hi-top shoes and we stopped at the guitar store on the way home

this a gem of a fellow.  truly a good soul.  thoughtful and wise, gentle and fun, clever and loyal.  one of my favorite friends in this world.


  1. So fun!! I so wish my boys could hang out with him. He does seem like a gem of a kid!!

  2. Man I just love that kid. Really wish him and ez could hang out regularly! Love the one of him bench pressing lily's rock filled boots. It made me chuckle