Monday, December 17, 2012


We had so much fun over the Thanksgiving Holiday.  We got to enjoy lots of time with our families.  One afternoon we went bowling with my whole family (parents, siblings, spouses and a visiting boyfriend :)  Before we hunkered into our lanes, we played a few games in the arcade.  Halley and I decided to try our hand at Wheel of Fortune (I've always told Nate he should send me on that show - I think I could make us a little fortune :)  Well...we got super lucky.  We spun the jackpot space on the wheel and then we solved the puzzle (Mincemeat, I think it was ?)  We won 1400 tickets!  1400!  Boy were we laughing!   We joked about buying everyone's Christmas presents from the arcade prize 
counter.  Clappers and slime balls for everyone!


  1. Em, I love all these posts! Your kitchen looks beautiful!! Love you guys, E