Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Into the Woods (several of them)

This year we decided to ditch the little artificial tree we've been using for the past few Christmases and venture into the woods to find a real one.  We geared up for adventure - scarves, mittens, boots, extra pants and socks, and a cooler full of lunch.  And then we drove into the woods closest to our house.  We looked at the map the Forest Service had provided us and we headed for the green "ok to cut a tree" zones.  We were all in good spirits, even singing carols.  But after quite a lot of driving through nothing but scrub oak and junipers, the pines were seeming like a mirage, ever moving further away from us.  About an hour in, the murmuring commenced.  "We've been in the car for, like, ever!"  "How long is this going to take?"
Nate and I were still in good spirits.
"C'mon guys!  This is fun!  This is an adventure!  We've got to find the perfect tree!"
"Let's just go to a tree lot," Henry suggested.
"Hah!"  We scoffed.  "We'll find a tree, but it's not going to be on a lot!"


6 HOURS LATER!  We finally found a respectable tree.  The kids were worn out and their enthusiasm for the quest had long since expired.  But it was good to be together and super satisfying to set up our hand-picked tree in the living room when we got home that night :)


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