Monday, January 23, 2012

the good stuff

friday night we went to an eagle scout court of honor for one of nate's young men.

saturday afternoon henry wanted to pretend like he was a scout. very cute :)

he came up with several different merit badges and drew them all in tiny circles on a blank sheet of paper. he wanted ribbons too, for his sleeves. i helped him design those.

then i helped him cut the tiny badges out and pinned them on his "scout shirt." he told me: "the yellow badge is for ok boys, but the green badge is only for really good boys." i told him that scouts have to earn their badges and suggested he clean up all his legos in the playroom to earn that green badge. "great idea, mom!" he said, dashing off to the playroom.
uh...that was awesome. what other badges can i come up with to encourage such willing cooperation?

scout's honor ;)

saturday night henry asked to wear his scout shirt to church the next day, but when he woke up sunday morning all he could think about was NOT wanting to take a shower and NOT wanting to go to church. and plunge! we were back into the tedious negotiations and persuasions that are becoming a much more frequent part of our days.

but the marker-crafted scout badges? that is the kind of stuff i live for as a mom. those are some of the most redeeming, transcendent moments. when their innocence and goodness shine so blindingly bright that for a moment that is all there is.

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  1. Darling, darling boy. He really is a tender-hearted good one.