Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Catching Up: New Years Trip to the Coast

a few days after christmas, we packed up the big cars and headed out to the coast - our favorite place to get away. we had the best time. seriously, the best time.

we played on the beach and savored the beauty of the coast - we were spoiled with some beautiful beachy weather some of the time. (and the other days we were happy to hunker inside with books, movies, games and each other).

these funny little ponies lived just a few doors down from where we stayed...we walked over and visited them every day. so charming. there is just a different rhythm to life on the coast. it feels slower and fresher. i could stay all year.

on new year's eve, we drank bubbly and talked about 2012:
stretching, running, being more kind, doing hard things, journaling, overcoming the less savory parts of ourselves, what the year will bring - new love, new babies, graduations...

we laughed a lot. and just loved being together. wasn't the same without rob & ashley though...hopefully they'll be able to make it next year.

we hiked cape sebastian - so amazing. (bad, blurry picture...sorry.)

we played christmas bingo (thanks to grandma nan), and heads up seven up, and golf (the card game), and a few rounds of beyond balderdash. and one late night game of make me laugh. and seriously, i don't know when i've ever laughed that hard...it hurt. but it was so, so fun to just let go of all our inhibitions and laugh our guts out. lauren, i can't believe you still like us after that -- you are such a good sport ;)

we cooked and ate the best food, had pool tournaments, watched movies together, went for morning jogs and boiled our guts in the HOT tub. every night when we gathered for dinner we took note of our abundance, especially what we feel for each other. we thanked god for it and we marveled at how totally lucky and blessed we are.


  1. This all sounds absolutely heavenly. Really.

  2. Wouldn't life be grand if it could go on vacation after vacation with the people we love the most?!
    I'm so, so glad you enjoyed your family and fresh air.
    Ps: I'm doing my stretching but not nearly as diligently as I should?! oops :/