Monday, February 2, 2009

Kind of Embarrassing

Today I had myself a belly laugh in the canned-food aisle of Costco. Here's how it went down:

We walked past the pharmacy window and Henry asked, "what's that part of the store for?" I explained that the pharmacy is where people go to get medicine. My comment must have triggered his memory back to my recent sick days. (I didn't go into much detail about my symptoms on the blog--one of those "less desirable" details I leave off the record--but it wasn't just a chest cold...there were intestinal issues, too.)

So anyway, right there between the stewed tomatoes and the canned corn, in a not-quiet voice, Henry asks, "Hey mom, do you still have diarrhea?" (These delicacies become semi-public knowledge when you have (unwanted) company in the bathroom).

I laughed really hard. I'm laughing out loud just writing about it. Nate keeps inquiring from the other room, "What's so funny?"

Just Henry being three.

I love three.

I love Henry.

And I'm sorry if I have just offended your sensibilities.


  1. hahahaha I love that kids are so honest and open! I wish we could all just stay that way. It would make for a far more interesting world.

  2. I can just see Malia with me in a public restroom asking if I'm going poo-poo, and clapping for me. It hasn't happened yet, but I just know it will someday. Aren't kids wonderful?

  3. Three is such a wonderful age!!!! I miss it.