Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It's All Around the Town

Have I ever mentioned how much I love Autumn?

It seems to be lingering this year, which fact my harvest-loving soul could not be more tickled about. We visit the park daily. My heart swoons over the colors; rust, amber, hazel and some stubborn, clingy green. I burn my cinnamon candle nightly. Hot soup (a thought that my sweaty bones could not abide last month) will now be a regular staple on the dinner menu. I sit here staring out my front window at the tree-top canopy that shades my front yard and I slip into little daydreams about the cute pictures I might capture of frolicking children in piles of crunchy leaves. (Sigh!) Have I ever mentioned how much I love autumn?

Pictures from the park

And let me take this opportunity to affirm the suspicions of the previous post's comments: Yes. I am already listening to Christmas music. My name is Emily Anne and I am a Christmas music addict. There. I said it. My listening is still a bit clandestine at this point, (ie I pause it when the phone rings or when someone comes to the door). But yes. I cook to it, I clean to it. And I love it. My current album of choice: Manheim Steamroller's Fresh Aire Christmas. (Nate calls it synthesizer Christmas and gives me a bit of a hard time about playing it already). But you put that CD on and just try not to be energized and inspired. I dare you.

Happy Autumn!

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