Monday, October 27, 2008

Weekend Visitors


* we played at the park 'til it was chilly and nearly dark

* had a pizza party (highly recommend Papa Murphy's Gourmet Veggie)

* got the wild children settled and sleeping

* stayed up too late (almost 2:00 am!) talking about home schooling, public education, threats to the modern family, the merits (and warts) of the political candidates, and the delicacies of household finances. And laughing our heads off at Rick and Nate's humorous banter.


* Kristen carved mini pumpkins with the kids (that woman is a wonder to watch. energy. grace. style to spare.)

* She and Rick held down the fort while Nate and I slipped out to the temple to witness a lovely sealing

* We played at the park again (til we were tired, grumpy and thirsty.) Some of us wore sun bonnets.

* We (the adults) freshened ourselves, picked up the sitters and went out for an evening of inspiring mexican food and delicious conversation.

* Gluttons for calories and punishment, we baked oatmeal chocolate chip cookies with Ghirardelli chocolate chips. Then we plunked ourselves down on the couches and talked. and talked. and talked 'til almost two in the morning (again!)


* we hated ourselves for talking 'til two in the morning.

* I hated El Norte for putting SO MUCH garlic in their salsa (and kind of hated Nate for eating so much of it; the breath ramifications no son buenos for romance.)

* we gathered shoes and belongings, packed suitcases and coolers, folded towels and blankets...

* and we waved goodbye to our lovely visitors as they headed south for part deux of their tour de texas.


My heart is heavy with compassion -- trying to understand (really understand) what bearing one another's burdens looks and feels like. If I'm doing it right, it hurts. But the byproducts of suffering can be shiny and empowering. I know that. I have lived through the reality of that fact. I'm reminded of it now. I have somewhat of a predilection for making things complicated, which sometimes breeds doubt. Simple faith has never been my gift. The unexpected events of last night reminded me how much I believe; how much I know. Today, I feel calm and assured. Nothing doubting.

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