Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Soundtrack of My Life

(Hi mom. This picture has nothing to do with this post. I just like it. And miss you.)

I like record keeping -- have a little fetish for it, you might say. I also like music. A while back (quite a while), Danielle and I had a conversation about making soundtracks of our lives, you know, a CD of songs that mean something to us. If I were really on top of it (which I'm totally not) I'd like to make a soundtrack for every year of our lives. But it's probably been three years since that conversation with Danielle and I have yet to make one. (Danielle sent me a great CD shortly thereafter, though, and called it "The Soundtrack of Your Life." So, I guess technically I do have one volume, but for it to really count, I think I should probably be the one to make it and choose the songs?) Anyhow, I am going to make one this year, maybe even this week -- (perhaps I'll gift it to my husband for Christmas as a soundtrack to my life is also a soundtrack to his now that we're so fully entrenched in one-ness.)

As I've been thinking about this, I've remembered some songs from my past that bring a memory close: (If I could find the songs on You Tube, I've linked them).

Steve Windwood Back in the High Life Again --Driving from Utah to Cleveland, OH in a U-Haul with my dad. Think I sat propped up on pillows or books or something so I'd be able to see out the window. Also think I remember drinking a lot of orange juice (?)

The Judd's, Kathy Mattea, Lori Morgan, Tanya Tucker and Raffi will always conjure childhood memories.

Madonna I'll Remember -- Crying with my friend Sarah White at the tender age of 11 as we contemplated the status change in our BFF-hood as my family was about to leave Cleveland for Oregon. (Sniff. Sniff.)

Pretty sure I listened to Insensitive in Traci's Escort wagon or Anne's Nissan hatch-back. Ah...1996. How do you block the sound of a voice you'd know anywhere? Good question, Jann.

Celine Dion's My Heart Will Go On (I don't even think I need to link to it. Who doesn't remember the mega-hit from Titanic? I gag to think of it now, but that song really moved me in the tenth grade). In fact, I think I actually got on the radio once requesting it, and when it came on, I put a little tape recorder up to the radio and recorded it. How you say...bush league! I know this might come as a shock to some of my college roommates, but I listened to it over and over again, like on repeat, nose buried in my advanced algebra book, solving for x.

Some songs bring back the uncomfortable grip of a nervous, sweaty palm and a whiff of Brut (stake dances) -- Tootsee Roll, (Anne, I have vivid memories of Jeremy Guthrie dancing to this!), The Macarena, Cotton-eye Joe (shudder!), Lady In Red.

There's a whole slew of songs that remind me of various crushes:

Not sure if Jordan Smith had a bigger crush on me or Richard Marx. (Right Here Waiting -- he loved that song. Think he held his phone up to his stereo speakers one night for me to have a listen - ha!)

George Strait's Carrying Your Love With Me was recorded onto a cassette tape that was presented to me by a certain high school flame during my sophomore year, I think. Hearing that song, I can almost smell his Polo Sport (blue bottle).

To Be With You will always make me think of the "Em-believable" album from a college suitor. (They were all cleverly titled Em-thology, Totally Em-azing Hits, and Em-possible (after we broke up -- sad!) (Do you remember this, Joanie? I had made up my mind to break up with him. Then I came home from a run, I believe, and found the CD waiting for me on my bed. My "end-it" resolution crumbled.) Oh brother dear. p.s. Joan, Dido will always bring back memories of our shared room in Lexy 24; I think you introduced me to them (?) -- such good days. Such a good roommate.

Apparently making CDs for girls was the thing to do during my college years 'cause another boy left one in the CD player of my car after washing it inside and out. So sweet, my twenty year old self swooned. All the Moulin Rouge songs are a tiny bit him -- especially Your Song. Oh, and Norah Jones' Come Away With Me; that'll always be a little bit him, too.

Nate made me a CD right before I left on a trip to Europe my senior year of high school -- Independent Love Song takes me back to Lufthanza airlines with Kathy Thiebes and Ashley Nichols. (I really liked him. Thought I was so romantic and sneaky calling him from Paris on my parent's calling card. We talked for 9 minutes, I think. The bill (which, of course, went right to my parents) was 45 dollars -- not so romantic.) He also gave me Dixie Chick's Fly album on Thanksgiving morning of 1999 with a cute note that said, "Now you won't have to listen to the "Top 6 at 6 Countdown" every night to hear this song (Cowboy Take Me Away, of course!) You can just put this CD in."

Steal My Kisses and Ghetto Superstar will always remind me of our family vacation to Hawaii. The Kauai condo, Dick's delicious pineapple, the warm sand. Love that sand ('cept when it's in your kanoofoo, right Kate?)

Well, I've gotten totally carried away...and had myself some hearty laughs in the process.

On the soundtrack of my life right now would be, among other tracks, (too lazy to link, you can look them up if you fancy):
Coldplay's Viva la Vida
Jason Mraz's Lucky and I'm Yours
Elizabeth Mitchell's You're My Pretty Baby (dedicated to Lily)
The lullaby songs on Henry's good night CD, especially Beautiful Savior and My Darling (taken from A Child's Prayer and Baby Mine albums -- if you have babies, I really think you should own both of these albums.)
Regina Spektor's On the Radio; you should hear Henry sing it -- so funny and cute!
And James Taylor and Carly Simon's Devoted to You duet. (had to link it -- sorry for the poor quality). That song will always touch the tenderest parts of me (it was my parents' wedding song -- i love it. and i love them).

And now, what I really want to know is what would be on the soundtrack of your life this year? In the past?

p.s. please don't hold me accountable for salacious content in the videos linked to; I am only endorsing the audio. (Even at that, I'm not really endorsing all of the audio, just saying it brings back a memory. Tootsie Roll, for example, I do not endorse in any form. Good laugh, though. Good laugh.)

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