Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Henry's Room Spruce-up

I decided to get a little creative a few weeks ago. Originally, my plan was to hang some animal collage prints I'd fashioned in the "kids' room" and do more of a unisex themed room for baby girl and Henry to share (only Henry would keep sleeping in his "big boy bed" in the guest room.) But then I started finding things like this (that was a link. Click it.) And this. (Again, link. Again, click.) And I decided that I just needed to do a room that was girly. With polka dots. What ensued was a large change of plans (which mostly meant changing things around in my mind, since I hadn't done much real-life room decorating,) and a bit of furniture rearranging.

Here's a little photo journey to illustrate the process:

  • First, we painted Henry's room (formerly known as the guest room) in a Behr hue that I'm quite fond of -- "Lion."

It's neutral and green-ish.


  • Then I made these animal prints from a smattering of inspiration that I gleaned from several virtual sources because I'm a professional copy-cat. (If you're curious, please inquire.)


  • Next, we painted the baby's room, (formerly known as Henry's room,) also "Lion." I know, predictable and boring, but I like to work with a neutral canvas. (No pictures of that room yet.)
  • Then I found the aforementioned Etsy treasures and scrapped all my plans for a shared unisex room. I think. Because how can I have a little girl and not use something this cute in her room?
  • Then we rearranged the (formerly) guest room, moved Henry's books, toys and nick-nacks in there, and hung the animal prints above his bed.


I'm pleased. I've sufficiently quelled the nesting instinct for a time.
Nate's relieved, though he thinks the bed's too big for the room. (He's right. But I really wanted a big bed for guests to sleep in when they come.)
Henry's delighted. And really, that means the whole transformation was a sucess.

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