Monday, May 5, 2008

Happy Cinco de Mayo


We celebrated (?) with Mexican for dinner and a generous helping of guacamole (en casa) tonight.

But the most pressing matter for me to blog about on this, el cinco de Mayo, is all that happened on days uno, dos, tres and cuatro de Mayo. (And los ultimos of April as well.) I've been derelict in the chronicling of daily life. So, if for no other reason than to help jog my sluggish memory a few months from now, I give you literary snapshots of our recent past:

* Food storage is overwhelming my mind and my pantry. 25 lb. bags of pinto beans are heavy. So are 25 lb. bags of flour and sugar. They're awkward to hoist, especially with a protruding middle, but they're nicely priced at Costco -- so I hefted them from cart to car to cupboard. And totally counted it as the day's workout. Oh, and preparedness (the beginning stages, anyway,) feels real good.

* The weekly date is not an optional form of entertainment in this household. It is a non-negotiable necessity. Saturday's escape was most needed and most lovely (even despite the Reuben-gone-wrong that ended up being returned, twice-bitten and twice disapproved of, to the kitchen from whence it came.)

*Even strong-willed, well-muscled, husbands can get their feelings hurt with thoughtless comments about having to eat peanut butter sandwiches to be able to afford an impending "three-fer" nasal surgery (deviated septum, busted sinuses, and polyps all coming out/getting fixed in one surgical procedure on May 23rd.) I can't remember the last time I felt so toad-like. Even if we have to mortgage our very souls as payment, I want you to be able to breathe, Nate, and I'm excited (and nervous) about your upcoming procedure.

* When your three year old cries because he's not able to "grow wings like a bird" so he can fly to grandma and grandpa's house for a ride on the red tractor, it's really hard not to log on to Travelocity that very moment and charge up one month's salary for plane tickets home. Very hard.

* A get-away is good for the soul -- ours, to San Antonio, was fantastic. Marcus, Rebecca, and their cute family are so dear to us. Henry's campaigning for a move to San Antonio. The possibility of nightly summer bbq's with the Ramptons is making us consider the option. (Not really.) Well, maybe if we could be assured of periodic late-night sessions with a heaping bowl of popcorn and comedic sketches on YouTube...
and bubbles...

and bikerides.

*Termite treatment, though expensive, is relatively slick -- nothing like the tented house scenario a la Father of the Bride. I just hope it works/worked. And that we never have to do it again.
* 2 years is a long time and I miss my brothers sorely while they're out serving missions. Been feeling particularly tender about this as we're practically on departure-eve for my brother, Ryan, who will be Korea-bound on Wednesday.

Dear Korea,
You are about to have one of the funniest, handsomest, kindest, friendliest, shiniest souls on the planet in your Oriental midst. Please be kind and gentle with him and return him to us safe and happy. We promise that the ripple effects of his goodness will bless your good land for untold years to come. We'll be watching your headlines closely for the next two years. And envying your proximity to one of our favorite humans.
Ryan's Family

And with that, my eyes are swelling with tears. My ankles are swollen with retained water. And my belly is swollen with new life. So, my final Cinco de Mayo declaration (from an appropriately swollen heart) is that this vida were making? This one that's filled with anticipation, anxiety, homesickness, little victories (personal and collective,) termite poison, get-aways, sorrow for snarkiness, gratitude for tenderness, date nights, and lots and lots of made-up stories (to sate Henry's almost hourly requests,) -- it's muy, muy buena.


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