Monday, December 1, 2014

Halloween 2014

The candy drives me bonkers (all the wrappers - in the laundry, crammed in their bed crevasses, on the floor, in the car!!!) but I love Halloween.  It is such a happy day for our family.  This year we had a ninja and a 50's girl in a twirling poodle skirt.  And Caroline, cute as everrrrr, in her little halloween frock.  We trick or treat around my grandma's neighborhood, which is just a perfect place to trick or treat -- houses close together and it doesn't sprawl on for miles.  Plus, a warm place to wait (grandma's house) while the kids squeeze all the magic out of the night.  And my favorite part is when they're done going door to door and they come in and dump their candy bags out and the sorting and trading begin.  I think that was my favorite part when I was little, lining up all the candies, grouping like candies together, making a candy rainbow.  I geek out about stuff like that.  Love watching my kids do it now.

We had a fun afternoon with our babysitter, Molly, a few days before Halloween, too.  We made a parade of spooks out of toilet paper rolls, played some halloween games, drank poison punch and ate halloween cupcakes.

Pretty fun! 


  1. I love these pictures - you look so happy, and Nate's got some stellar ninja moves ;). You have such a beautiful family!!

  2. What a fun holiday! I loved the mix of candid and posed pictures. Just adorable!

  3. wow.. lovely pictures... hope you enjoy the holidays