Wednesday, July 9, 2014


For me it is often the small details of life that hold the most delight.  Like the little nearly-nightly ritual that has evolved between Henry and his dad -- they take each others' socks off.  Slooowwwlllyyy.  And gently.  Henry will wear his socks around all afternoon, wanting to keep them on his feet "so dad can take them off."  And his last words to Nate as he heads in to bed are often, "don't forget to come in and take my socks off!"
Some days Lily wants in on the ritual too, so she'll throw on a pair of socks and insist on keeping them on 'til bedtime.
Socks drive me totally bonkers.  I take mine off the first minute I can.  But I do imagine it would feel nice to have someone else slip them off slowly for me.  For my boys I think they feel like all the pressure and stress of the day puffs out of their feet when they slide those socks off.

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