Saturday, June 7, 2014

Lily Darling

I love this picture so much for what it represents.  It just has Lily's tenderness and love for beauty written all over it.
A few weekends ago we were back and forth between the river house and Eugene (to watch Halley in the state track meet).  One morning Kate wasn't feeling well and was resting in bed.  Lil is always perceptive and usually a pretty sympathetic soul, but she really adores Kate, so she was especially concerned about her.  We decided to gather a bouquet to put by her bed to cheer her up.  Gathering that bouquet in the yard with Lily was just one of the best moments of life.  She was so careful to pick the most beautiful flowers for Kate -- and she wanted to know the name of each one.  Then she wanted to leave a little note ... and her handwriting! There are certain little tokens about each of my kids that are especially dear to me, they change as they grow -- right now it is the way Caroline pats my back while I'm rocking her before bed and the pictures Henry draws and the ring of his laughter when he's really tickled about something.  And with Lily, it's the way she always, always hangs up her wet clothes after she plays in the water (which is every day) and her handwriting.  It's evolved so much since she started school, it represents so much change.  This has been a great year for Lily.  She has bloomed and thrived in kindergarten.  She is enchanted by her teacher.  And she loves all the songs and rhymes and procedures of school.  She has come a long way in her confidence and boldness.  It was really bittersweet for me to watch her kindergarten year come to an end -- I just can't imagine she could possibly have another year that will match this one in positivity and joy.

  And those flowers?!!?  All gathered in the yard at the river house.  Garden of Eden!

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