Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Little Girls & Flowers

Today after I dropped Henry off for guitar I took the little girls to the temple to walk around the grounds and see the green, green world all lit up in evening's pretty glow.  My mom's been helping with a big landscaping project on the temple grounds and I wanted to show the girls her handiwork.    Lily is learning the names of lots of flowers and it makes me so happy.  We both agree that we like the forsythia wild and fire-work-ish rather than pruned and boxy.

She was so, so excited when she discovered that the tulip bulbs we planted together were actually poking up out of the dirt.  'Spring is coming, Mom!  It really is!'  She came bounding through the backdoor with that declaration a few weeks ago.  We go out and check their progress together every few days.

I love sharing my love of flowers with Lily.  Someday she'll see how that love trickled from my grandma to my mother to me and then to her.   And hopefully we can help Caroline fall in love with all the beautiful blossoms, too.


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  1. I loved catching up on your blog Emily. I love the realness of it, and the love you have for your sweet kids. They are gems.