Sunday, January 12, 2014

2013: Molecules

it's an interesting experience, skimming over a year, trying to decide what to include in our family story; which pictures to post, which events are memorable enough to share.  of course there are the hallmarks of memory keeping - halloween costumes and vacations, baptisms, birthdays.  but when i'm looking back through pictures, the things that are really heart warming are the little bits of love and sparkle that effervesce in the daily rhythm of life.

like when henry took the mattress out of caroline's crib, taped a face and arms to it and pretended it was a tackle dummy.  or the carefully crafted scenarios i stumble onto in the playroom - knights and ladies and horses and villains arranged to play out the scripts of the kids' imaginations.  the roses nate sent while he was out of town.  the night i spent sewing pillows with my grandma.  the day we woke up early to curl lily's hair before school.  my chubby, happy baby in her dotty leg warmers.  the best summer evening in the backyard.  the incredible sunrise sky on my morning walk.  the day Henry lovingly made artisan ham sandwiches for the three of us (me, him and lily) for lunch.  tending my flowers on summer mornings.  taking care of our neighbors' farm animals in the pitch dark, bundled up in our woolens, headlamps lighting the way, laughing hysterically with equal parts amusement and terror.  taking morning walks with the sweetest face on the planet staring up at me from the stroller. doing the world puzzle on the living room floor. watching lily grow into the role of big sister. caroline sucking her thumb.  mowing the lawn with henry then standing back to admire the results (seriously one of my very favorite things about summer).  a morning slow enough to allow for a family snuggle in mom&dad's bed. snuggling up for scriptures on the couch.  playing candyland in front of the fire while we wait for Nate to get home from Sunday meetings.  finding hilarious selfies of Henry on my phone.  
i love elder maxwell's quote: "moments are the molecules that make up eternity."
i am learning more and more to really abide in the simple moments.  to lick all the goodness out of the corners of life.  this is the "manner of happiness."

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  1. I love all these recent posts! I've always admired you for enjoying moments (and for so many other reasons too!). And, your family pictures - gorgeous! And, congratulations to Henry on meeting his goal! Love you guys!!