Saturday, April 13, 2013

Showered with Love

I was hesitant about agreeing to a baby shower.  It was my third baby, second girl.  I had given away every bit of our baby paraphernalia, but I still felt a little selfish about a party.  Plus, I am uncomfortable in the spotlight.  Totally prefer to hang back and blend in.  But my mom had wise counsel, "let people love you and celebrate with you."

And when Anne offers to throw you a party, you really should just say yes and get out of the way because it will be beautiful and the food will be good and the details will dazzle.

It was beautiful.  And the food was terrific.  And the details dazzled (polka dotted spoons and striped straws and cheerful pennants.)

But more than all of that, right from moment one -- when I walked up to my mom's front porch and saw two cruiser bikes perfectly parked on either side of the front door and balloons and cheerful pots of flowers all around -- I just felt overwhelmingly loved.  And when (I think it was Anne) said a little prayer to start the party and bless the food I had to fight back tears.  It had been a long time waiting for this baby.  And so many of those dear women had lent their hearts in support and compassion while mine was longing and a little bit broken.  Reminds me of one of my favorite poems:

Support Group

You can fall here.
We are a quilt set to catch you
A quilt of women's hands
Threaded by pain made useful.

With generations of comfort-making
Behind us, we offer this gift
Warm as grandma's feather bed
Sweet as the Heavenly Mother's
Lullaby song.

You can fall here.
Women's hands are strong. 

Lily darling was so excited about all the pretty, tiny, girly baby things

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