Monday, February 4, 2013

Once In A Million Lifetimes

A few weeks ago I left our kitchen window open after I had scrubbed the sink with bleach.  (Important note: our kitchen window doesn't have a screen on it.)  Forgetting about the open window,  we left the house for several hours to run some Saturday errands.  While we were gone, a little friend flew in.  When we came home we heard a whirring, fluttering noise in the kitchen.  And then we saw a tiny green hummingbird flapping at the window by the breakfast nook.  Having flown through the open window, he was now trying to get out.  Amazingly, Nate was able to gently cup the tiny bird in his hands, carry him to the back door, and set him free.  Can you believe that?!  Nate got to hold a live hummingbird!  It was so neat!  And when he opened up his hands to let him fly away, the bird just sat on Nate's hand for several seconds before he flew away.  It was so magical!


  1. Wow so neat! I just showed my kids this post too!

  2. So cool!
    Ps, so glad to have found your blog! Your (growing) family is so beautiful!! :)

  3. AMAZING! And magical indeed!