Thursday, February 7, 2013

Bachelor '13

Before the heavy weight of tax season set in, we decided to steal away for a few days to Sunriver to do some skiing and relaxing.  That was a good decision.  Lily was really sick - poor dear, she's been sick on both of our recent get-aways - so she and I didn't actually get to do any skiing, which was a huge bummer, but just kind of the way things evolved.  Nate and Henry had a great day on the hill - Henry loved skiing.  He didn't want to stop for lunch (if you know how serious this boy is about eating, you know that is a huge indication of his enthusiasm for the slopes.)  We managed to have plenty of fun riding bikes, swimming at the aquatic center, eating too much in our cozy cabin and watching old classic disney movies like The Absent Minded Professor and The Ugly Dachshund.

I feel like we try to be mindful about what we commit to, but still, our home life is really busy.  With church commitments, Nate's busy work schedule, social engagements, family happenings and the few extracurriculars that we're involved in, it seems our days and nights are nearly always scheduled.  It was so, so good to get away.  It was good to wake up together, cook breakfast together, play games, watch movies, snuggle, let our days evolve just how we wanted them to.
It was good to ignore our phones and leave the laptops at home.
Made me realize that even if it's just a staycation, we need to be more committed to carving out time to recreate as a family.

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