Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Great Blog Catch Up (Part I)

In all the craziness of back to school and moving I wasn't a very good family historian.  I'd like to try to catch up on the happy bits of our story that haven't been told here.
The end of the summer got pretty splintered and frenetic dividing ourselves between the house on Mallard and the new house.  We devoted lots of Saturdays to projects like weeding, branch trimming, cobweb sweeping and garage cleaning.  We packed in the evenings and shuttled loads every day.

But we also managed some adventures.

We picked peaches with Mimi, Grandma Nan and Aunt Ashley.  200 lbs!

We went bowling on a restless hundred-degree afternoon.

Lily's face in this picture...cutest around.

We went to the Smith River with our Cropper cousins.

Every time we travel around the Northwest, I am just blown away by the beauty.  The trees and rivers and mountains - it's all so exquisite.  It was good to get away for the day; a great way to send summer off with a splash!


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