Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Lower Lights on the Rooftop

For my birthday this year (30!) Nate surprised me with a trip to Utah for a rooftop concert.  On my actual birthday we went out for a nice dinner at 38 Central and just after we had ordered our food, Nate slid a folded piece of paper over to my side of the table.  I opened it up and it had a Lower Lights graphic printed on it. And in the handwriting I have come to adore so sillily, he had written, "One boy, one girl, one great band. Will you be my date at the rooftop concert?"  I was so excited.  So excited!  Then he told me to check my e.mail on my phone and there was a flight confirmation e.mail from Delta.  We were really doing it, flying to Provo for the October Rooftop Concert!  And we had a whole month to be excited about it!  I could not have been more tickled.  I love music so much.  We always have something or other playing in the background while we're doing homework, cleaning the house, making dinner.  It is one of my life dreams to learn to play a stringed instrument, something wooden and folksy.  I was thrilled for the chance to feel the energy of live music and and snuggle away the chill of autumn with my favorite human (in towels and coverlets we'd smuggled from our hotel).

In addition to the fantastic concert, we got to visit BYU campus which is so full of nostalgia for us.  We took a walk through the tree streets, hung out with my siblings, spent an evening with some of our dearest friends - the Hyde's, ate a j-dawg and a cafe rio pork salad, bought a bag of chocolate-covered-cinnamon bears at the candy counter in the bookstore, hiked the Y, had lunch with a few of my most beloved friends.  It was a great, great trip.

3 days after we got back I took a pregnancy test that affirmed my cautious suspicion that we were/are indeed expecting baby number 3.  I'll tell you more about that moment in another post...  


  1. So excited for you, I can hardly stand it!! Best news!

  2. I've been following your family blog ever since Bloom retired and I have to thank you for being such a positive role model and an excellent writer. I am so so so excited for your wonderful news! Congratulations and thank you again!

  3. Oh Em, congratulations!!! So excited to see the newest addition to your sweet family.

  4. That's wonderful news! I am so excited for you! And you have such a sweet husband. What a big, fun birthday surprise!