Friday, August 10, 2012


(First, an unrelated aside: I'm Instagramming.  Sort of.  I mostly like that I can filter my phone photos, make them look a little artsy and then blog them.  I'm sorry to the 5 of you who follow me if I don't really do Instagram right.  I'm not in it for the social media, just the funky filters.  Please forgive me for my follies).

Yesterday afternoon while Lily napped, Henry invited me outside to go "cloud-gazing" with him.

How can you turn down an invitation from this boy?  I cannot.

So we grabbed the picnic blanket and headed to the backyard.  It was hot.  And bright.  And the clouds didn't offer much in the way of hidden images.  But I loved the chance to sit outside with my boy and look at the sky.
After about 10 minutes, Henry rolled over, looked at me and said, "well...this isn't very fun.  Wanna go inside and play Playmobil instead?"


We laid on our bellies in the front room and I marveled at his imagination as he explained the very detailed scenario he had conjured wherein the Swiss Family Robinson, carefully aligned along the walls of the castle, were holding off the invading pirates.  The Nerf darts were canons.  The wood blocks were rocks.  All the masts from his pirate ships were logs, tied together, waiting to be rolled down at the pirates.  And there were various boobie traps all along the beach.

As you might have guessed, we watched Swiss Family Robinson Sunday night.  A power outage stopped the movie just as it was getting to the crowning battle scene (Robinson's vs. the pirates) at the end of the movie.  I let Henry finish it Monday afternoon and as soon as it was over he ran in to me and said, "Mom!!  That was such a good movie!  It was awesome!  I'm going to be playing that for a long time!!"  


  1. Henry has such a wonderful imagination! And does Lily still nap? Tyler stopped when he was 2. What a fun time to spend alone with Henry. I love the pool pictures! What fun!

  2. Ok, Em, what I'm about to tell you does NOT mean you can stop IG because I love seeing your pics there. :) But, if you are wanting to edit your phone photos on the go, you need to get "camera plus". It's like a mini version of light room. Way better than the IG filters. Hugs!