Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Freedom to be Creative

The first few weeks of summer were quite cool, highs in the low 80's - not really warm enough to swim.  So we did a lot of creative projects at home.
One morning the kids watched a Viking themed episode of Backyardigans and Henry could not shake the desire to dress up and play out all the adventures he could imagine.  He begged me to help him make a Viking helmet -- I was a little apprehensive about my helmet making skills  We tried fashioning a helmet from a shoe box - bust.  We looked for a winter hat that we could transform -- no luck.  Finally, we decided on a baseball cap covered with duct tape and horns affixed to each side.  He loved it.

Later that morning we made a glittered birthday banner for my mom.
I laughed watching my little viking sprinkling glitter and coloring squiggles on the block letters.  These kinds of creative schemes that evolve on lazy mornings are some of my very favorite moments of summer.

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