Thursday, June 28, 2012


the kids set up a dinner/tea party for all the dollies and animals at grandma's house while i was out mowing her lawn.  i thought it was so cute i left it set up for 4 days (we were looking after things at her place while she was out of town).  you can't really see the cutest details: most of the guests were too small to reach the table, so they were all propped up on stacks of books, couch cushions, boxes of thread the kids had imported from the sewing room. 
 henry & lil gave two big thumbs up when i asked them about their evening with mimi.  (she watches them every wednesday night while nate and i are both at the church for mutual).  last night she took them to panda express for dinner and then to bear creek to play as long as they wanted.  they didn't get home 'til dark.  they were dirty and tired and hungry (again!) and full of joy.  thanks, mom.  by the time i got them cleaned up and fed them a little snack it was after ten o'clock, but they were so cheerful and sweet i wasn't ready to put them to bed.  nate wasn't home, so we all climbed in bed together and read some stories.  the last story we read was bread and jam for frances.  those frances books...cutest of all time.  it was me and the kids and the books and a whole lot of happy&blessed in that bed.  
 we're insisting that henry do several pages from a summer work book every day.  he doesn't make any effort to hide his disapproval for it. sometimes i get really nostalgic for homeschool; this helps remind me why we're not doing it anymore.
 my flowers are growing so beautifully, especially the potted ones.  i love them.
the other day lily said to me, "i love summah!" 
"why do you love summer so much?" i asked her.
"because i love henry!" 
we love having him around all day.  he and lil do a lot of make believing together.  lately they've been loading up lily's bed like a pirate ship and making imaginary voyages.  this was their flag for today's adventure. 

*we've made 6 batches of strawberry freezer jam.  my mom's is the little strawberry patch that could!  i'm going to try raspberry soon, too.

*nate and i made a tiny (less than 24 hr) getaway to the coast last week.  it was business and pleasure.  on the way home, among other things, we talked about how to rid our hearts of envy.  nate said something that was so insightful to me; i've been thinking about it since.  he said, "i think we envy people because we don't love them purely enough." we talked about moroni 7 and the fact that charity "envieth not" and i understood the world and my own heart a little differently.   

*how is it almost july? slow down, summerrrr!


  1. I echo how's it almost July already!? Since my kids aren't in school I'm just bummed that it's going to get dark at night again. I love the long days. Sounds like you're having a great summah so far!

  2. I love you and Nate! That conversation you two shared about envy and how to be better speaks volumes about the genuine, thoughtful, introspective people you are. It makes me happy to see how good you are at making a continuous effort to grow individually and as a couple. Thank you for your example.