Monday, May 14, 2012

Wedding Images

We spent last weekend in Seattle for Auntie Hellie's wedding.  It was rainy & cold, but we still managed to fall in love with the city and had ourselves a magical time at the wedding.  We are so in love with Helen & Samuel; we're just tickled about their new life together.
Here are a few pictures from the celebration...

 it was so drippy and wet.  

 ummm, helen...stop masquerading as a civilian and get back on the cover of vogue where you belong.  yowza!

 helen was so darling to take time to make everyone feel special and loved.  even little lily.  this is really one of her gifts, she has the best way of making everyone feel like a million bucks.  even on her special day.

 No offense to the groom, but I thought mine was the handsomest man at the wedding.  I love going to weddings with Nate, makes me love him more.

we all needed a li'l tissue at some point during the day.  it was really a lovely, lovely wedding.  we're so thankful we got to be part of it.

Come visit, Helen & Samuel!!


  1. SHAME ON YOU for thinking you didn't capture the day well!? These are just a handful and they are stunning, Em! Wow. Really lovely. Well done, dear cousin. Well done.

  2. Ps: I hope its okay that I stole a couple for my blog...b/c I did :)

  3. Emily, what beautiful pictures! Stunning!

  4. These turned out absolutely gorgeous!!! I knew they would, but you have a real gift Em :)