Tuesday, February 28, 2012

tangled magic

saturday night we went over to tanner & melissa's house and, among other things, we launched lanterns a la tangled. melis streamed "at last i see the light" on her iPhone and we watched the lanterns disappear up, up, up into the night sky 'til we couldn't discern them from the stars.

it was so fun!

and magical.

and cold! and a little bit scary when one of the burning lanterns got lodged in a pine tree and threatened disaster. the hose was frozen solid. our eyebrows went up and so did our blood pressure. luckily the lantern burned out without incident. phew!
such a memorable night.

this little girl was completely aglow with wonder and delight; she loves tangled. and she loves her cousin mary probably as much as she loves me or food or breathing.

we LOVE her.


  1. What a FUN idea!
    Although in dry/hot AZ it would probably prove disastrous. So, we'll just have to take a trip to OR :)
    I laughed when you said that Lily loves Mary as much as food and air. Cousin love is like nothing else!

  2. We were going to do lanterns on Wes's birthday! My friend gave me some for Christmas! But it was too snowy/wet and so we're still waiting for a good day! I hope sooooon!!