Monday, January 16, 2012


i needed to write an e.mail this afternoon so i told the kids they could style my hair while i was sitting at the computer. they used a cold curling iron and a cold straightener. there was a lot of hair pulling and i got kind of cross a few times, to which lily responded matter-of-factly, "do you want yow haow to be cahly or not, mommy?!" (do you want your hair to be curly or not, mommy?!) by the end i was wearing lily's plastic, silver, clip-on cinderella earrings and my hair looked really pretty ;)

just a few recent gems from the mouths of these babes:

last monday when we picked henry up from school, we went straight to barnes and noble to play with the trains and enjoy the children's section. it was nearly dinner time before we left and by the time we got home, henry was starving. right when we got home he pulled out a big pot of leftover rice and started eating giant spoonfuls of it. right from the pot.
i suggested that we make ginger snaps for a family home evening treat and the kids were excited to help. lily promptly walked over to henry, still shoveling rice into his mouth, and said, "you probably shouldn't eat too much rice 'cause you want to save room know" and then she lowered her voice to a whisper and spelled out: "M-i-m-y...cookie dough!" we do a lot of spelling around here, practicing for tests and writing captions on art work and notes to friends -- it's so cute to see her try to fit in. i just love that she thought she had spelled cookie dough - m-i-m-y :)

a few days ago i was eating a handful of nuts and she asked me what kind of nuts they were and i told her they were pecans. and then she asked for some. and a few minutes later while she was eating them, she asked what they were called again. and i reminded her that they're pecans. and then she wrinkled up her nose like she does and she said, "oh! my mouth just gets confused because it wants to call dem cwootons!" (croutons)

on friday when i picked henry up from school, i asked him how his day was (like i always do) and he said, "good!" (like he always does). usually that's the end of it - he doesn't want to be bothered with more conversation, he just wants to dig into his lunch box and eat the things he didn't get to during the lunch hour; he's always in such a hurry to get out to recess. but on friday, he had more to tell me. "mom, i really, really like seth. i like to play with him, it's just that he's kind of slow and i get frustrated that he can't keep up with me. he runs about as fast as i walk." (seth is a little on the chubby side and such a sweet, smart boy) "well, i hope you're really nice to seth, even though he can't keep up with you. maybe you could think of things to do with seth that don't require a lot of running, slower games. that way you won't be frustrated," i suggested.
"yea, but today i prayed that seth will get hopefully he will," henry told me.
"you prayed for seth to get faster?!" i was so amused. "when did you pray for him?" i asked.
"well, today i got in trouble for talking while we were doing calendar time on the rug and my teacher said i could either stop talking and stay at the rug or go to my desk and put my head down...i chose to go to my desk. and while i was there at my desk with my head down, i thought, i might as well pray for seth. so i just prayed that he'll get faster."

i thought that was just the funniest, cutest, best thing i'd heard in years.


  1. SUCH darlings those two!
    The prayer for Seth and Lily getting her mouth confused?! So sweet.

  2. These are my favorite kinds of posts I think. I loved the spelling part! I can totally picture it.

    Hope you are having more lovely days!

  3. Sweet Henry, I just have tears in my eyes reading about that innocent little heart of his. I love that he chose to go to his desk, way to be your own man Henry! :) And Lily couldn't be much cuter. I love hearing these things. I've got a whole white board full of quotes that I need to dump soon! Love these quote posts! :)