Thursday, January 5, 2012

beauty parlor

been feeling a little sad and down for the past few days. it's a combination of things. mostly hormones, i think. and maybe a little post-holiday blues. i felt so purposeful in preparation for christmas - there were guests to prepare for and welcome, decorations to place, meals to plan, a trip to pack for, visitors to anticipate, presents to purchase and wrap. i was whisked up and carried along in the spin of holiday energy. but the spinning has stopped and i can't quite find my place in the stillness. i'm happy about jaunary and resolutions and new beginnings; i've got a list of goals magnet-ed to my fridge. but i feel uncertain about some things and am having a hard time feeling defined and purposeful. i'm sure things will click into place soon.

but this morning a little ray of inspiration broke through my mental fog. and i knew that i needed to do something special with lily. no errands, no chores. something just for her. so i asked her if she would like me to paint her nails. her eyes got big..."ooooh, dat sounds like fun!"
we grabbed the cotton balls and the finger nail clippers and chose a few colors. red for her fingers and pink for her toes, she decided. i did my very best to keep the polish on her tiny nails. i loved listening to her dainty breath as she did her very best to hold still.
we had such a fun time.

when i finished painting, i told her to be very still while i went to get the hair dryer. after i blew on her nails for a few minutes she asked if she could "hair blow dry" my hair. i agreed. she did a great job, very gentle and patient. it was good to spend the morning with my girl, really seeing her and delighting in her and spoiling her with time and love and remembering how completely precious she is.


  1. Such a good Mama. No better medicine for feeling down than to serve and love our little ones.

  2. What a perfect way to spend a morning. And good job for capturing it. Won't she love to look back at that some day?!

  3. I have been wondering if Mia could handle getting her fingernails painted. I think she would love it if I can get her to stay still long enough for them to dry...the blow dryer is a great idea.

    Lily is a doll, I so wish she and Mia could pal around. Thanks for always reminding me to make time for simple, sweet things like this in our day.