Tuesday, December 6, 2011

on my mind

(i wrote this on tuesday night): tonight we ate dinner by candlelight. just to make things a little bit magical. lily was so enchanted. she kept saying, "i just love these candles!" it was special. and a little hectic (as most deviations from normal are with small ones). i tried not to serve anyone the portion of the pot pie that was dribbled with wax drippings.

after dinner we read a few chapters from the BFG (big friendly giant). roald dahl is a genius and i adore him. henry and i threw our heads back in laughter several times and i was amazed and amazed by the creativity, words like strawbunkles, snozzcumbers and cattlepiddlers. it is so fantastic. and also very sweet and thought provoking, too. at least that is my assessment at page 67. i will keep you posted as we progress. reading chapter books out loud with henry (lily doesn't really get into them very much) has been one of the greatest joys of parenthood thus far.

and speaking of books - i just finished star girl (jerry spinelli). and i loved it. i stayed up way too late reading it a few nights ago and then made myself sick on the treadmill the next morning, reading it some more. i was a prisoner - a happily distracted and word-drunk one. star girl (the character) is a gem. i'm thinking about her still, wanting to channel more of her uniqueness and integrity.

recently, henry told us about how some of the kids in his class are "so small! i mean, like, john...he's itsy. and mariah? she's a mouse! and annat...she's practically a flea!" he said it all with such incredulity; i was so amused.

in most ways, henry is just like other kids. and in a few ways, he lags behind his peers. but there is a tiny collection of ways in which i think henry sparkles, where that little soul of his really excels at humanity. it is delightful to watch those parts of him emerge. i am starting to see a few unique proclivities taking shape in his sister, too. it's thrilling. i don't think my children are uniquely gifted in this regard; i think this is the birthright of every one of god's children. but it's something i think about often - whether or not i am really recognizing my childrens' gifts and coming to the day with enough love and light to nurture them.

one last funny thing: my kids have advent calendars with a waxy piece of chocolate behind each little door (you know the ones) and henry is so conscientious about opening up the door that corresponds to the day and only eating one chocolate. and lily has been, too...until today. apparently her sweet tooth got the better of her and she ate every last piece of chocolate in that calendar. (i was taking a little nap...) i came out and just burst out laughing when i saw their little advent calendars laying side by side on the living room floor - henry's with precisely 7 empty spots and lily's - completely devoured, every last door ajar, every chocolate gone! i asked her what happened to all her chocolates. "i eat dem," she told me, matter of factly. "but you're only supposed to have one each day," i reminded her. "but i just willy wanted a lot of shocolate...dat's why i just eat dem alllll!"

so funny. i love that girl!


  1. I also love reading chapter books aloud to Malia. I loved reading The BFG as a child and had completely forgotten about it. Thanks for the reminder. I think we'll be making a trip to the library to get that book right away. :) And Lily is so adorable! I can hear her talking with the way you write and it always makes me smile.

  2. Love how you create "magical" moments for your kids in such simple ways.

  3. Mikayla told me about "Star Girl." Did you know that is her favorite book? I feel the same way you do (and she does) about it. SUCH a clever, lovely, delightfully odd little book. I coudn't put it down either. Too fun.
    That Henry and his comparisons!? Sounded like it was right out of a Kevin Henkes book! Darling little boy that I love (Henry..not Kevin..haha). Although, truth be told I really, really like Kevin too--just not as much as I like Mr. "Willams." :)
    And that Lily is a girl after my own heart. A good chocolate binge is in order every now and again ;)
    I sure miss you four.

  4. What is your address? I want to send a Christmas card your way... email me: