Monday, December 5, 2011

mostly just for fun

image from ruffled (i think)

i love seeing what my friends are doing in their homes. you guys inspire me. i also like seeing the sources of their inspiration. recently, a few of my friends have asked me about my inspiration, and what i'm doing creatively in my home right now. truth is: not much :) other than trying to be clever about ways to get my children to cooperate and play nice. given that we're renting our home right now, and will probably relocate to a more permanent locale at some point in the next year, i'm not super motivated to invest time or money into doing projects around here. i've charmed this place up just enough to feel happy and at home, and now i guess my mind is kind of thinking about and planning our next space. so i've been gathering up ideas.

what i should really do is get on pinterest. and i will someday.
but for now, i've been collecting a little inspiration file in iPhoto. dorky, i know :)
and i started an ideabook over at there's a little gadget over there on the sidebar - if you want to browse through the ideas i like (all four of them :)...feel free. who knows when or if i'll ever get to use any of these ideas, but it's been fun collecting them.

here are a few things i think are cool:

spotted here

shutters on the window

row of hooks

i need to do a better job of keeping track of sources. sorry.
where are you getting inspiration?

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