Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Suds in The Bucket

Tonight I skipped Relief Society and washed the car with my kids. I felt bad not supporting the ladies who planned Enrichment, but it was definitely the best choice on the good/better/best spectrum.

It was best because a) we worked together. I think it is so satisfying to work with my kids.
b) We had tons of fun. I love watching my kids have joy.
c) I laughed a lot. I love to laugh at my kids.

Then we came in and got ready for bed and Henry put on his Super H cape and whizzed around the house pretending to be "Captain Bedtime." He liked that identity so much he asked if he could write it on his pajama shirt. Why not? We found the king size sharpie and he did the writing - Captin Bedtime. Perfect.


  1. Good for you, Em. Your kids are darling.

  2. First of all, can I say that I love that you're back on this blog! I missed just reading about you and your family. I'll confess, my dear friends personal blog are my very fav. And good choice staying home with those darling kiddos. This looks like it was fun! You're a good mom... I try to be like you.

  3. Emily, it's so great to hear about what your cute family has been up to. You look so, so pretty, and Henry & Lily are equally darling. How I miss you! E