Thursday, August 18, 2011

Berry Nice

For Family Home Evening on Monday we picked blackberries in my parents' pasture. We could be twiddling our thumbs in that pasture and it would still be gorgeous and magical just for the warmth of the evening light and the whisper of the breeze. It was so simple - no cost, no hassle, hardly any forethought, but there we all were in the tall grass - my parents, my grandma, my husband and kids - buckets in hand, berry juice between our fingers, horses looking on, sun sinking behind the hills, everything about it was right and good. (Except the thorns.)
After we'd harvested a bucket of berries, as we were hiking up the hill to my parents' house, I told Nate how lucky we are to get those kinds of experiences. Very, very lucky.

We put those berries to good use and whipped up a cobbler for dessert.

Henry gets ready for a ride on the quad with Kate & Halley

Grandma Nan - I adore her

Whoa! Squirt wanted to nuzzle Lily's neck. He was so friendly, he wanted to be right near us the whole time we picked.

Goof ball!

She's leaving next week - that makes me want to cry

It also makes me want to cry how quickly my kids are growing up.
I wish we could just slow it all down a bit.

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