Monday, July 5, 2010

Camping (x2)

We camped two weekends in a row! Last weekend we went up to the lake for a night of camping and a day of boating with my family to celebrate my mom's 50th (!) birthday!! We had tons of fun cooking foil dinners, roasting 'mallows, telling stories around the fire and wake-boarding in the freezy lake.

Me, Nate & Henry on the tube

my darling parents going for a ride on the tube together

Lilsey and I did a lot of snuggling on the boat (she was pretty nervous about it)
I could write a post every single day about the funny things this little lady says - we laugh and laugh at her. So busy, so determined, so sweet. And maybe the most darling little person to ever live. I feel so lucky to know her. We love her right to bits.

The lake at sundown - so lovely

the women

the men (look at Nate's helmet hair!)

One of my favorite pictures ever of my boy

And this past weekend we went out to the coast for a few days with Nate's family. The beauty of the ocean made our hearts pound, we ate delicious food (something about that salty air and all the arduous sand-walking sure revved up my appetite!), we watched the sun turn to a tiny pat of butter over the water and then sink below the horizon, we lit fireworks on the beach and watched them go off all the way down the coastline and we just enjoyed being together.

Sascha & her catch

I love him, those almond eyes and li'l darkies
He loved the beach

"the 4-headed council" (Nate buried them)

hoo boy, was it windy!

Henry and Schylar (such cute little friends) enchanted with sparklers

and I was enchanted with this tan, rugged, super-hot man pretty much all weekend

Half our life smells like a campfire and we all have sand in our ears, but we are happy. And tired. And glad to be sleeping in our own beds tonight. Even little Henry was wishing for his on our way home yesterday. It's good to play hard...


  1. What fun times with family! Camping, the lake, the beach...lucky. Your hair is getting so long Em! You all look great!

  2. I am so sold on Oregon. Sold, sold, sold. Any good engineering jobs in your neck of the woods? Too bad we still have another couple of years in the muggy Midwest. I love it here most of the time, but those beach shots are totally alluring.

  3. I gave you an award on my blog!

    I am always enjoying your tales!

  4. I love Henry's lil' Darkies. So great to hear about your adventures. We are anxiously awaiting your Dallas visit! ;)

  5. Miss u guys soooo much!! It sounds like u guys are having a blast though!!! Lily is getting soo big and so cute and so is Henry!! Hope u guys will come and visit soon!!