Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Life: Snapshots

There is a substantial post in the works, one with words and thoughts and a chronology of recent events. But for now, I have a bazillion cute pictures of my kids and I just want to post a few - for my grandma, and our Texas friends.

And me.

She jumps. She insists that I watch her, "yook it, mama. I a jumpeen bean!" She steals my heart in her purple polka dot shorts.

Henry thinks he's a cowboy. He wields a gun and avenges the foes of justice. He steals my heart in a stetson.

They painted paper murals taped to the fence in the backyard...

She paused to watch an airplane overhead

He delighted in the strokes of his brush

He used the most ferocious components of his animal collection to barricade the front door; didn't want Nana to leave

She was so cute before church a few weeks ago, I couldn't stop taking pictures. And we were late.


  1. She's getting so grown-up, I hardly recognized her! And her hair is lighter, too. I seriously had to look back at your last few posts to be sure you didn't secretly adopt another kid. :D

  2. Great photos, Em! Especially the one of Henry in the cowboy hat and the last one of Lily.

  3. Very sweet! The first one is adorable of Lily on the trampoline. And I love that Henry was trying to keep Nana from leaving. Hilarious! He must love her a lot.

  4. Love those kiddos. So stinkin cute!

  5. wow. just the most handsome children!!

  6. What wonderful pictures - thanks for sharing, Em!

  7. Love the mural idea...totally going to do that with my kiddos this week.

  8. Could your kids be any CUTER?!! I think not! Your blog gives me warm fuzzies.

  9. Those animals by the front door are such a familiar sight. I love seeing their little imaginations working. And Lily? Oh my, I wish I could just squeeze those juicy little cheeks. :)