Thursday, April 15, 2010

Track Meets

My sisters are in the thick of track season - they're both hurdlers. We've been to a few of their meets to spectate.

And in all the excitement of Spring track, Henry has found a new obsession.

He has a "track meet" every day. Sometimes indoors, sometimes out. Sometimes they're at 2:30, sometimes not 'til "about 5 o'clock." Sometimes they're canceled. It all depends on the imaginary schedule, and the whim of the imaginary coach. I'm just glad I'm always invited to watch. And that he always wears his shin guards when he runs. So funny.

I am on the hurdle set-up committee.

We use what we have on hand - cardboard boxes, laundry baskets, bike helmets, buckets - sometimes even his little sister (as long as she'll sit still).

And I also have to say, "Runners set, take your marks..." and then make a very specific sound effect resembling the shooting of a pistol. (I've been carefully coached on how to imitate the gun).

Last night my sister, Halley, was here for the Monday meet and she even set up a high jump pit - just one of the bajillion reasons we love aunt Halley.

It's good to be five. It's good to be five's mother, too.


  1. I'm impressed at his technique! Obviously he's been paying attention...

  2. I love that Lily can be useful to Henry. ;)

  3. oh that's so stinking cute! Love a little glimpse.

  4. oh that is so cute i might die.