Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Earth Day

We went up to my mom's and planted seeds in the greenhouse. The goodness of it all sunk deep. I want a garden so bad - not sure if this will be our year, though. I had to make a conscious effort to stay out of the garden section at Super Wal Mart today - I want to buy seeds, trowels, a cute pair of gloves, soil stuffs, hose attachments. There was a siren song swelling from the Lawn & Garden Center and its enticement was, well...enticing. But I resisted, my cart already full of too much stuff, albeit necessary. I hate those high-dollar trips.
Getting back to gardening, we've been given stewardship of a few of the raised beds at my parents' house. I can't wait to see what we can coax from the Oregon soil. Can't wait to watch the seeds we buried on Thursday sprout, grow, blossom, fruit. I guess those processes are just natural but I'll be darned if they aren't absolutely magical to me. Do you ever stop and just think about a seed growing? A hen laying an egg every day (!) Tadpoles becoming frogs. Caterpillars becoming butterflies. I'm rediscovering these things through my children and I'm pretty sure I feel a greater sense of wonder than they do, which is saying a lot!

two of many...

Chick update: they're much bigger. And in Henry's words, "they have more-ther feathers than fuzz now." They also live at the farm now - they needed room to grow. True confession: we don't miss them terribly.

My sweet (sweet) mom. She's as industrious as the day is long.

dirty. happy. love my blurry kids in the background, conjuring up some sort of fun around a pile of scrap lumber. and how I can tell by the position of Lily's right arm that she was twirling (her hair).

I helped Lily plant some tiny flower seeds. She wants to "do eeeeet" all herself these days - seed planting, pajama zippering, pants pulling-up, yogurt eating (So messy!), body washing, button-pushing.

Henry played with rocks and sticks and dirt most of the time. I love his boy-ness.

Anyway...not going to get into too many life details tonight because what I really need to get into is my bed. But we're here. Feeling a little stretched. We're breathing (sometimes deeply). And we're wide-eyed about Spring flowers and potato bugs.


  1. loved this post. we're relishing spring here too--I spent 2 hours yesterday working with my seeds and it was lovely.

  2. I am in wonder with my garden every year. You would think I didn't do it every year, but every year, I get thrilled with the first buds, the sprouts, the blossoming and then the ripening fruit. Last year we had Pumpkins and Watermelons, too. Every day I rushed home from work to see the pumpkins, er, I mean kids!

  3. We're moving next week. To a house with a LARGE garden plot and I am diving in full bore. I can't wait.

  4. I'd think that Earth Day would be a close second to Christmas at your house. You have such a lovely earthy way about you. That is a compliment in case it didn't sound like it. I'm so impressed with how much exposure your kids get in their "natural" environment. I feel like we spend far too much of our time looking at the platic jungle surroundings of the McDonald's playplace.