Thursday, April 1, 2010

Self-Discovery & My Babies

I'm not trying to be a daily blogger, this string of consecutive posts is a fluke - just a lot of little bits I want to immortalize for my future self.

Today I mowed both lawns - front and back. And pulled a lot of weeds in the beds. And swept the back patio. And loved it so much! I can't wait to get back out there tomorrow. I hope the weather stays nice. I thought I hated yard work. But I didn't hate yard work, I just hated the muggy and the buggy of Texas yard work. I seriously must have smelled like sizzling bacon to the mosquitoes because they flocked to my exposed skin the second I stepped outside. Consequently, in the warmer months I either had to be in a pool or moving rapidly (ie brisk walking or jogging) to avoid being munched. I was never much help in the yard. leaf = turned. This just makes me really happy because I want to be a work-in-the-yard kind of person. As you might imagine, Nate, who has been solely responsible for all of the yard care thus far in our marriage, is thrilled about this. I am too.

Also, I found these pictures the other night as I was organizing the shelves in the office. They made me miss our dear friends, the Porters, so badly. Mimi, if you're reading this -- thank you for giving us so many moments to treasure. I can't stop smiling about these.

Also - I went to the general young women's broadcast this weekend with my mom and sisters and my eyes were brim with tears almost the whole time. If you haven't watched this yet (Elder Uchtdorf's talk, specifically,) you really, really should. Fantastic. Just whet my appetite for what's to come this weekend...

Also, since I posted a birth picture of Henry yesterday, I went digging for one of Lily. And here's one (courtesy of Elizabeth - thanks, girl).
I'm getting hungry for like this don't help a bit. Neither did the hour and a half I fluffed away last night watching home movies of my little birds from birth to six months. Lawsie!

Also, what is cuter than pink polka dot flip flops on tiny feet?


  1. Love yard work. Even in Texas. I just make sure I'm not here in the muggy buggy months. :-)

    You and your children could not be any cuter!

  2. Love those beautiful babies... uuugh I can't WAIT!

  3. Adorable pictures! I'm getting hungry, too. :)

  4. Hmm, I've always loved mowing the lawn as an excuse to escape outside and just think and plan and meditate while I walk back and forth for an hour!!

    these are some of the most darling pictures you've posted yet. you and nate sure make lovely little people!!