Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Someone Else's Newton

The other day we played with play doh and Henry made a funny monster. And replicas of the planets. And spelled his name with play-doh logs (I helped).




Judging solely from this blog you might conclude that all our days are filled with park outings, play doh and bunnies. That's not true. Which should come as a shock to no one. Today there was poop in the bath tub (twice) - a harbinger of smelly things to come (diarrhea for Lils). And probably more TV than the AAP recommends. But there was also fun in the autumn leaves. And pumpkin cookies for dessert. And lots of stories and snuggling in my bed while Nate was at young men's.

Funny story: While we were out in the leaves this afternoon, I picked up a few pieces of trash and put them in my purse, with the intention to throw them away when we got home. By the time we got home, I had completely forgotten about the trash. I left my purse sitting on our entry table and never gave it another thought (absent-mindedness is a constant fixture in my life). After dinner, Henry went looking for his blankie. "Go look by the front door, by my purse" I told him. A few seconds later, I heard the crinkling of wrappers down there. Didn't give it a second thought. Then Henry skipped up the stairs with a mouthful of something brownish, saying, "Mmmm! This is good!"
"What are you eating?" I inquired, not recalling any snacks stashed in my purse.
"That treat that was in your purse."
"What treat?"
"The one in the yellow wrapper."
"Huh? Bring me the wrapper."
He goes to fetch the wrapper. Brings it to me. It's a yellow fig newton wrapper - one of the pieces of trash I'd picked up while we were playing in the leaves. Apparently there was one last newton inside. Now it was inside Henry's stomach. My stomach heaved a little.
"It's just this," he said, showing me the wrapper, "I think it's leftover from the snacks you and daddy took on your trip to Fort Worth."
We did not take snacks to Fort Worth.
"Henry! That's garbage. Yuck. I hope you don't get sick."
He thinks about that for a minute.
"Well, if I do get sick, I hope I just get diarrhea like Lily. Not the throw up kind. But I hope I just don't get sick."
"Well, I hope you don't get sick either"
"But do you doubt it?"
"I think you'll be fine."
Henry turns and walks out of the bathroom.
"Where are you going, bud?"
"I just needa say a little prayer to ask Heavenly Father to help me to not get sick."

Where's the pause button? I love four and a half soooooo much!


  1. Tender moments like those soften those inevitable sassy moments during other times of the day.
    That Henry is a dear...and you are a good mama to let him mix play doughs like that. I tend to be a bit more neurotic about it...and four year olds just don't understand neurosis.

  2. Gross! But so cute too. Parker arrived home from school yesterday with a bunch of trash in his hands. "What are you doing with all that trash!" I said accusatorily. "Keeping the Earth green Mom." Put me in my place.

  3. ahhh gross, but such a boy thing, love that sweet little Henry

  4. I think every Mom has been there!

  5. Heaven help us all.... that dear little boy!