Sunday, October 11, 2009

half of us


No time for a post tonight. Just a picture. And even if I had a million hours, there would never be words for this one. For those two. Details from the week coming...



  1. What a sweet duo! You're moving? To Oregon?! I bet that amidst all the chaos you are completely excited! It's what you always wanted, right? How fun to be so close to family. We just took a roadtrip (the kids and me) to visit my parents in Washington and HOW I MISS THE PACIFIC NORWEST!!! I am jealous for you to be surrounded by beautiful evergreens. At least I have the Utah mountains for consolation. I hope your move goes smooth for you all. We just put our house up for sale last week as well. We are needing to upgrade...bad. ;)

  2. What a handsome MAaaNN! OWww!
    And that baby on his shoulders is about as chewy and chunky as they come! I want to squeeze her.