Sunday, September 20, 2009


Tonight we uploaded a bunch of home-videos and in the process, I got completely sucked into old clips of little Henry and ended up watching two hours of footage from his first few years. My heart! It honestly hurt somewhere deep in my chest to realize that that little person only exists in iMovie now, that I can't touch two year old Henry anymore, can't hear that one-in-a-bajillion little voice, can't snuggle that perfectly chuggy body. I got a little introspective and wondered if I soaked him up good enough when he was in those irresistible stages. Wondered if I read Chrysanthemum enough times and loved the way he said that word enough. And am I soaking him up good enough now? And his sister? And even if you're sponge-like every moment, can you really soak them up satisfactorily, or will there always be some painful pining in retrospection?

Anyway, I also figured out how to upload video to the blog (feeling really nifty about it even though most of the blogging world has been doing that for several years now)., Cindy, grandma...I hope you enjoy this clip of Henry of yore :) I'm sure there will be more to come.


  1. What a sweetie! I can totally get sucked up in home videos too. My kids enjoy watching them with me. I think we'll always yearn a bit for the innocence of their more youthful years. But I love the friendship and meaningful conversations that I get with my six year-old.

  2. Oh that kills me. So sweet. That little voice and thumb in his mouth.

    And no...I'm pretty sure there is no way to soak them all up...but the fun is in the trying.

  3. oh, Henry in living color! I've wanted to hear his little voice so much! And it exceeded all expectation!