Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Field by the Blue Park

Some days I get kind of snarky about Texas. I want to move to Oregon, I think, I need the blackberries, the mountains, the pines, my mother. I fall victim to the silly, "I'll really be happy when..." mirage.

But some days I'm perfectly content with where we are. The field by the blue park has been all kinds of lovely this spring. First it bloomed blue - cheerful little bonnets aplenty. Then it was wispy, lush green - the rain turned the timid little blades into clumsy grass giants. And now it's wildflowers - the meadow aglow with little explosions of maize and crimson. And the late evening light is intoxicating. I want to slip out every night around 6:20, just me and my camera and maybe a child, to capture the loveliness for an hour.

Sunday night allowed us a few minutes to frolic. Henry ran around for a bit, tried to pick me a bouquet - I snapped pictures all the while, Nate rolled his eyes at my compulsive clicking, but tried to feign support for my habit. Then Henry was lured away by the siren song of the playground. My legs were terribly itchy; we decided a spell on the swings might take our mind off the irritation.

The outing was a good way to detoxify our systems which had nearly been poisoned by the "salt salad" I served for dinner - an Asian Chicken concoction gone awry. Makes me parched just to remember it.

Ope, I've so much more to say, but a little boy just appeared at my side, matchbox cars in hand and a make-shift car track has just been constructed on the living room floor. That's my cue to quit.

Today, I'm happy to be here. Content with my home, my family, my friends, my field of flowers - sometimes I think it blooms just for me. Even on the good days, though, part of my heart always hankers for Oregon.


  1. Sunday night, we walked in the park, too. The same flowers arrested us as well and I made a resolve to come back next week with a camera. Just beautiful!

  2. Those flowers are beautiful. I need more of those "I'm just happy to be here" days. Lately I've been struggling with just being happy in the moment, and doing the "I'll be really happy when..." too much. Maybe I need to visit the wildflowers for a cure.

  3. Beautiful pictures Em. We need to join you at that park again soon!

  4. my heart longs for you to be here, too. but i am happy that you are happy. and good news, i'm going to stay longer than 6 days. i need to see you!! i'll call you and let you know.

  5. HA! I've had a similar experience: chinese chicken salad gone awry...same problem too: excessively salty (yes, even by Joan's salt standards which means holding your tongue on a salt lick would be the only way to describe the far from palatable dining experience).
    I am enjoying your happy posts. They are much needed. I've been fighting the grumpy bug lately. Thanks for the smile. Life is always a little more lovely when we can see the cup half full.
    Love you, dear Em.

  6. Beautiful photos, Emily! So happy that you're happy! Still, I am sure that Oregon is not the same without you. Hope you come home soon!

  7. Beautiful post Emily. I fall for the "i'll be really happy when" idea too.
    But it's hard not to be happy in spring wherever you are, right?